Sharpshooter Pool | Billiard | Snooker glove

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Did you know … traditionally, billiard players were required to wash and powder their hands frequently to keep them dry while playing. The invention of billiard gloves makes this hand washing step unnecessary. Check out these 5 reasons that many professional billiards players count on gloves during competitions…

Professional-quality pool player’s glove. It is made to help the cue slide smoothly and accurately over the pool player’s bridge hand. There is less friction between the pool cue and the billiard glove than there would be without a glove. Reducing this friction will make your stroke more consistent and accurate. The Sharpshooter¨ Billiard Glove covers your thumb, index finger, and middle finger, but leaves the tips of your fingers exposed so you can better grip the felt. This glove also features a leather gripping pad in the palm, giving you greater stability with your bridge hand. Unlike other billiard gloves, it extends to cover your wrist, where it can be adjusted to fit with a Velcro closure.

It is available in black and is for right-handed players only. (we are working on getting it for left-handed players also – until then, please check out our other billiard pool snooker gloves here –

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